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The beginning of the end

Oh, you're back! What's up? Are you okay? You good? I mean, probably not because you're here reading my ramblings and bullshit.

Let me give you this warning: I am full of lies and excuses. I'm a master at them. So you're going to read a ton of them here.

Before we get to any of that (life and what not) I wanted to introduce myself a little bit more.

First and foremost, my name is pronounced Duh-VOE-nah. Davona. Exactly how it's spelled. As a child, I hated my name because it was so different. I thought it was weird. I'm grateful for its uniqueness as an adult. It sets me apart, along with all the other attributes that make me myself.

I hate talking about myself.

I am a huge lover of fantasy. There's no genre I own more of.

I'm a New Yorker through and through.

I will try anything twice.

I REALLY hate talking about myself.

I hate rude people. Hate. Them.

All of the above is filler because I forgot what I planned on writing (I took a nap and it didn't help my exhaustion levels).

Essentially, I am an anxiety ridden, angry short person, who has a constant attitude, is entirely self aware-which makes my behavior that much worse because I know what I'm doing and I do it anyway-of my faults, and is much too lazy.

You might be wondering why you're still here. So am I, honestly.

You're hopefully here because of my wonderful personality (see above) and because of the books I am writing/intend to write.

I intend to write about love, and friendships, and pain, and struggles, and hope, and fear, and culture.

I hope you stick around for them.

Much love,


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Welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking interest and time to check out my site. Check back soon for more information on my projects, my writing process, and general ramblings on life. Much love, Davo


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