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Sisters of Sword and Song Hits All The Right Notes

This book is a beautiful ballad and a triumphant battle cry in one!

Rebecca Ross has made characters so easy to connect with that you're drawn to their story from the very beginning. The plot is well rounded, constantly driving the reader toward the end while each character steers perfectly with every new contribution. One heartbreaking, soul-crushing moment after another, and Ross keeps you on your toes from start to finish! There are many wonderful aspects that add up to form this well-crafted work of art, however, I will try to narrow down my favorites, what really kept me hooked, and why.


The lush and intriguing world in this book is described with the perfect amount of detail! No long winded explanations here, and yet, I can imagine the olive trees of Isaura, and the gorgeous columns and magical ceiling in the Destry of Abacas. The Kingdom of Corisadne is vivid. Though it's inspired by ancient Greece, Ross's fictional land has its own separate place in my mind. That's exactly the kind of clarity a reader needs to form a definitive attachment. This kind of setting allows you to easily travel to this land of Mages and Hoplites. Not to mention, as a history minor who has studied war from the beginning of recorded history, the accurate depiction of warfare and the chain of command was very well executed. A testament to impeccable research.


I learned to love the characters in this book. It's hard to tell who is trustworthy from very early on, and that's wonderfully by design. Some, you will question. Others will tell you exactly who they are. Believe them. Every character was steadfast. Every person had their part to play. No one is useless, nor are they stand-ins or fillers. They know their purpose and they work toward it, often working for a similar goal while on separate paths. Ross's characterization is perfection. No two voices were alike making them unforgettable. If you love good character arcs, read this book I tell you!

Strong Females

I adore a strong female. I like, even more, when every female character is strong in her own way. This book does a tremendous job of showcasing not only the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood but it also completely lacks any form of female competition. You know what I'm talking about, ladies. There's no envy, no malicious cattiness, and no unwarranted ill-feelings. It's so rare, sadly and I absolutely appreciated reading it.

Ross demonstrates the depths of femininity and its resilience, while giving the reader the opportunity to see a strong woman from many angles and ages. From the cupbearer to the queen, it's inarguable that grace, courage, patience, and confidence all amount to indomitable spirits.

My words might not be enough to capture how much I truly enjoyed this story. Its incredible magic system and the divine myths that accompany it will breathe a new fascination into a the next generation.

Sisters of Sword and Song has stolen my heart with lyrical prose and piercing truth. Rebecca Ross is a literary magician.

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