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Ecstasy Will Leave A Mark On Your Heart!

ECSTASY is NOW LIVE and FREE in #kindleunlimited!!!! 

Are you ready? Ecstasy is a wild, drug-fueled ride from start to finish. A dark romance that will push your boundaries and test your limits.




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Zara. Eli. Alex. Three students at Caven U who are all really, really f*cking tired of life. Zara has a substance problem. Eli is a star athlete with a secret. And Alex? He’s just a f*cking a**hole. Their paths collide one night at a party that quickly spirals out of control. A series of volatile moments follow, enveloping the three of them in a whirlwind of drama, drugs, and destruction. Zara feels like she’s slipping under, losing her grip on reality. And if she isn’t careful, one of the boys just might pull her all the way down. But the thing about almost dying at the hands of someone you hate? In the moment before you take your last breath, the fear can feel a lot like...ecstasy. And that’s a high you only get once in a lifetime. Dark romance, suitable for 18+.


I had expectations before I read this book. I expected the heart-pounding scenes. I expected the anxiety. I expected to feel the concern for Zara, the heroine. I expected to dislike one, or both, men (and at some points I sure as hell did!). I even expected the entire story to be complicated.

What I didn't expect was the level of complication.

I didn't expect the character depth.

And I did not expect to be thrown into their mess from page one!

That threw me off completely, and it should have been an indicator as to what was to come. I couldn't plow through this one as I had in the past. Ecstasy was not an easy read, and I didn't mind that at all. I was forced to pay attention to the details. who said what, when did they say it, why did they say it. This book is a who-done-it in a really cool way, that doesn't focus on the mystery too closely. The incident is there, it's not skated over or ignore, it remains in the backdrop of the story without overshadowing the plot.

K.V. created three characters, all with their own trunks full of baggage, and tangled their lives in an inescapable way. The only path out was through and there was a lot of mud to dig through. There were strained family dynamics, existential dilemmas, and psychological questions that all hit close to home. Of the four books written by K.V. Rose that I've read, this was the one I relate to the most. The mistakes Zara makes, the genuine frustration she has with her own actions, reminds me of a younger version of myself. Being able to put myself in her shoes made it easier to understand where she was coming from. Somehow, that relatability also made me very hopeful for where she would be at the end of this book.

But the road to get there was more than rocky.

It's not just the individuals that make everything messy. The three of them together breeds chaos. The more questionable scenes always included Zara, Alex, and Eli as equal participants, feeding one monster. When Zara is alone with one of them, the energy is different. The three of them add up to one unstable element. They become an example of the car accident theory. You're horrified and intrigued at the same time.

These characters were honest. This story was realistic. The issues were real. There were no unanswered questions.

Ecstasy is an example of some damn good writing. If nothing else I've said has caught your attention, that alone should motivate you to buy it and read it for yourself.

At the end of the day, don't forget that its themes are as dark as K.V.'s soul. She reminds you of this between mentioning the really long playlist and the contents of the book. If dark isn't your cup of tea, do not read it.

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